eDirex CRM platform is a web-hosted management application that manages a number of web sites within a single interface. Additionally, eDirex CRM is a fully capable CRM / Marketing platform that offers seamless integration with eDirex CRM managed sites, web forms on the internet and sales / marketing initiatives.

eDirex CRM was designed with the sales process in mind, we’ve simplified many of the tasks found in other CRM solutions and provided a means to expand, build and scale upon our system to fit any business model.

Why Should I Use eDirex CRM?

eDirex CRM (customer relationship management) optimizes one your most valuable assets: Time. We’ve reduced the amount of clicks needed to perform actions and automated the sales process. Review history, log a call and send an email from one click. eDirex CRM can manage your entire web sites content, post forms directly into the system and assign then to sales people.

Can I import my other CRM data?

eDirex CRM allows you to create an unlimited number of custom fields that can be mapped to any of your other CRM data during an import. Simple upload a CSV, choose your fields to be mapped to eDirex CRM and merge directly into Contacts. eDirex CRM allows you to perform a number of tasks on that imported data such as user assignment and auto-responders.

How can I use eDirex CRM to improve my sales efforts?

eDirex CRM has the ability to allow your sales members to view a list of contacts that need attentions and with just a single click, open a call logging window to enter details of the sales call, schedule a follow-up call or appointment and view past call history for that contact. Click Save and onto the next. eDirex CRM improves your sales teams ability to make calls by 200% or more, over other commercial CRM applications.

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