Why You Need Directory Listings.

One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories. Adding a listing to all of the important online directories is a challenge at best. eDirex has simplified the process for you. No need to spend hours and days submitting and correcting dozens of listing. We can handle the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s face it, as a local business owner, you’ve no doubt heard that you need to listings in directories in order to increase your local business’s visibility online. At first glance it looks like an easy process: just sign up for 50 directories and submit all of your businesses information.

That’s not practical for or efficient. At eDirex, we start the process by including your business in our local directories that we own like BIZDIREX and VENDIREX. From there we include you in on all the most important local directories such as Yelp, Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and 50 plus others. This process is painless for you, and we take care of all the grunt work necessary to accomplish this task.

Don’t forget that your business may already have listings in some of these directories, most likely with incorrect information. Have no fear we will correct any errors that are out there and give your business a clear and consistent message.

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