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eDirex has helped hundreds of businesses reach new audiences and be found online. Schedule a free consultation if you've ever wondered what you need to do to connect with more customers. 

How are you getting the word out?

Business owners have more options than ever when it comes to marketing their business. eDirex Marketing helps you discern the right strategy and tactics to make the biggest impact. 



    Your business is unique. Your product, budget, target market, and sales strategy determine how you should be marketing your business. After our team works with you to understand your goals, we craft a strategy certain to reach your goals. 


    Once you know your goals and the overall aim of a campaign, you need to know how to get it done. Our team has extensive training and experience in both inbound and outbound marketing tactics. We know how to build campaigns that deliver results around your strategy. 


    The smartest companies are constantly testing and refining their strategies and tactics based upon their own user data. We help you understand what's working and iterate on your most effective campaigns. This makes your marketing efforts more effective over time. 

Our Marketing Services

  • Search

    eDirex knows just how to shine a light on your business! From key paid placements to current SEO techniques, coupled with organic steps that lend higher credibility to your site.

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  • Social Media

    Though daily entries on your social media channels may not be something you’re interested in (or have the time for), they are the most popular way to interact with customers these days.

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  • Local

    If you have a business location, eDirex can bring the customers to your door. No, this isn’t going to be a display ad in the city paper that’s tossed into your driveway once a week. eDirex has the tools, experience, and expertise to connect with your local audience. 

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  • Mobile

    Your customer’s cell phone is their most often-used tool for communicating. If you're not considering how to maximize this platform, then you are missing out! Its value in marketing has many applications; from complex data entry to GPS directions.

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  • Email

    Email marketing has proven its effectiveness over and over. There aren't many better ways to offer value, track user behavior, create custom campaigns, and measure ROI than email marketing. 

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  • Listings

    Having your business listings updated and consistent in online directories is more important than many may think. Most business owners don't have the time to get this done or know where to start. The eDirex team can manage this whole process, saving you time and helping you get discovered. 

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