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Email marketing for your small business.

With ‘snail mail’ almost entirely a thing of the past, email is simply the way the world stays in touch today. It provides the clarity that only comes with the written word, yet it’s not as intrusive as the ring of a phone when you’re busy. With the help of advanced technology, you don’t have to be sitting at work or home on a desktop computer to receive and respond anymore.

An email can be read, and answered (at your leisure) and can route the mail to your laptop, cell phone, tablet or smartwatch; i.e. it isn’t easily ignored! And, users can quickly eliminate spam, sort everything into folders, add relevant tasks to calendars and to-do lists, and separate social and promo mail from the rest.

Of course, something that gets so much attention is a marketing dream come true. But then, you have to know how to take advantage of the opportunities, without annoying your clients and prospects to the point that you’re dumped into their spam file. Here’s where eDirex comes in. With our background in marketing and lead management, we can apply the sincerity and finesse to truly engage your future customers via their email!

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