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New customers may be making an honest attempt to find you, but merely having your website ‘live’ doesn’t count for as much as you think. On any given day, searching the Internet for specific things we need might equate to finding a needle in a haystack, or worse.

Much of your company’s useful information, aka NAP (name, address, phone number), is actually pulled in from anyplace a like or similar name is spotted by web aggregators. Unfortunately the resulting errors confuse the quality of the user’s quest, delaying prospects from reaching you while they are looking for a nearby business.

Cutting Edge Techniques

eDirex knows just how to shine a light on your business! From key paid placements to current SEO techniques, coupled with organic steps that lend higher credibility to your site – we stay informed as to what the biggest and best search engines are looking for, in order to include your business in their results.

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