How eDirex Can Help You Do Business

For businesses to flourish in the current competitive market, you need to focus on many different aspects or your business. You can use different systems, methodologies, and practices well designed to generate new prospective clients and customers, however, putting it all together in a comprehensive package is a challenge.
Putting it all the pieces together is where eDirex comes in…
Here at eDirex, we strive to direct online business in an exceptional way, by linking sellers and buyers within our progressive and secure environment. This is how we can help:


With eDirex, you have the ability to revolutionize how you interact with your clients. You will be able to direct your online business through a single, secure environment where you can purchase consumer initiated leads and customer data from top prospects looking for your services.

Here are a few of our lead categories:

Business Equipment – Every successful organization uses qualified business equipment leads. eDirex software offers verified and well-filtered leads, thereby ensuring you of quality. The software offers you complete control of the lead categories, and there are numerous categories to filter on.

Business Loans – Getting loans is the most prevalent challenge companies are facing. However, with eDirex, you will get access to exactly the type of business loan leads based on your filters. We have equipment leasing, factoring, commercial mortgages, business cash advance among others.

Business Services – Your business can greatly benefit from business services leads from eDirex. Whether you intend to set up corporations or even franchises, the services lead that you need, is just a click away. You can filter on categories among them translation services, transcriptions services, internet access, and business franchises.

Financial Services – You can easily set up filters depending on your model quickly. This way, you can fully concentrate on your business. You can access leads to collection services, payroll services and employee retirement plans and much more.

Human Resource Services – The eDirex proprietary software will help you deliver real time leads to your producers. The system allows you to filter on the categories your business requires like HR outsourcing, human resources, and time and attendance systems.

Insurance – Your business does not have to waste time on unqualified leads. With eDirex, you can easily access the highly competitive insurance leads by filtering on services like general liability, health insurance, and workers compensation.

Marketing Services – Marketing your business is crucial to its success. eDirex understands that and gives the ability to access qualified leads on marketing services both for online and offline businesses like E-commerce web design, web hosting, and direct mail services among others.

Merchant Services – Using eDirex will ensure you deliver qualified, and accurate merchant services lead to your sales team directly. Based on your requirement, you can select merchant services like gift cards, ATMs, POS system and credit card processing.

Software Leads – With eDirex’s targeted leads you can focus your software business specifically on the market space you wish to develop. Some of the categories that you can filter their leads are construction software, call software, help desk software, and HR software.


You need to utilize the state of the art software for your business to succeed. eDirex software will have a significant impact and help grow your business.

Lead Management System – This is a web-based system that manages and distributes leads. This method is useful in automating many tasks and processes that would otherwise be time-consuming. Additionally, it ensures quality control and verification by stopping bad data through running it over 30 quality checks against the leads.

Local Optimization – To ensure you drive maximum traffic to your business, you need to leverage you location’s power. The comprehensive system of eDirex will submit all your current information to local listing sites. Getting information like your business categories, name, address, phone, and your working hours, to your market will lead to more traffic flow to your business.

Customer Relationship Management – Using the CRM system of eDirex, you will save time as processes have been automated. It will enable you to make a call, review history and send emails just from one click. eDirex CRM will manage the entire website content for your business, directly post forms and assign them to your sales staff.

Directories – Being included in online directories will increase the chances of your business being found locally. With eDirex. You are assured of online visibility in the main directories including Vendirex and Bizdirex.


Proper marketing involves getting new customers and being able to retain them. By using eDirex, you get access to tailored marketing

.• Search – Your business needs to appear on the biggest and best search engines. Utilizing eDirex gives access to excellent placement using latest SEO techniques. This way, your business will appear when a prospective client searches for you, thereby increasing your traffic.

Social Marketing – Post and articles to your social media platforms is the most popular and straightforward way you can make interactions with your clients. eDirex can ensure an active online presence through strategies ranging from creating and building social media sites to infusing them with the themes and personality of your company to posting relevant and friendly information and updating your clients.

Local Marketing – Local advertising results to an excellent customer flow to your business. eDirex has the technical expertise and experience to offer proper digital communication in your locality leading to more customer flow.

Mobile Marketing – Most clients, in the current state of technology, use the internet to source information. eDirex has the perfect media management and database to help get your business into those leads. Customers need to access your information with ease and quickly and eDirex has got you covered.

Email Marketing – Emails are an effective way to keep in touch with the world, as they are not as intrusive as phone calls and can be read at one’s convenience. However, you have to know how not to annoy your recipients. With eDirex, you can engage your future clients with sincerity and without annoyance.

Power Listings – You can instantly increase your business listings with eDirex. Being on our platform, you will appear on the most popular and credible directories including mobile apps. Your information will be consistent and accurate across the board driving more clients to your doorstep.


Design can and often does make the difference between a customer or client and short-term visitor that will never return again.

Brand and Identity – You need a comprehensive identity design services to create a perfect brand for your business. Additionally, you require a complete brand story. With eDirex, you will have masterminds create all essential elements of a classic brand such as a logo design, messaging, domain acquisition and competitive position.•

.• Web Development – Your website look defines your online presence. eDirex will help your business through creating a comprehensive and innovative website. eDirex uses CSS3 and HTML5 technology to ensure a responsive performance of your site.

Content Writing – Quality content is the backbone of your business. To get your message across clearly and directly, you need qualified and experience copywriters. eDirex will take care of your blogs, press releases, newsletters, social media posts and much more.

Video Production – Transforming your brand through videos is a creative way to get the attention of clients. eDirex has an excellent video production team that will add content, do the script boarding and scripting of your video for an exceptional end product. This way you will quickly reach the 85% of Americans who watch videos.

The whole idea is increasing your profits. From producing to marketing to selling, you will require expert help to maximize your reach. Having relevant leads to your business is the key to your success. More traffic to your business translates to more profits.